Following is a list and brief description of a variety of home and personal devotion and Bible reading ideas, and more! During a time when corporate worship and Bible study gatherings are on hold, it’s a perfect time to begin or to enhance your current home study and worship practices.

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Through My Bible in Three Years
A daily Bible reading that will take you through the entire Bible in three years of readings. Audio option.

Transformed: Devotions Connecting Teens to Christ
A weekly devotion for teens.

Military Devotions
A weekly devotion for those serving in the military.

Mission Blogs
A weekly blog from one of the many WELS mission fields delivered to your inbox.

Some other subscription resources are available at this site.

Daily devotions to uplift and encourage you with God’s Word. Audio option.

This link also gives you access to variety of other devotion and faith-centered materials.

This site provides a wealth of materials, including many topics and series under the headings:

“Jesus Who?” – “Questioning God” – “Life Concerns” – “The Bible” – “Worship”

This site offers prayers for many topics and many audiences.

This site offers a tremendous variety of Q&A topics, often with many questions for a single topic.

Do you like to read articles or devotions? Or do you prefer videos and podcasts? Explore Time of Grace resources; we’ve got some of everything for you! Search by topic or type of resource: blog articles, Grace Talks short-form videos, Grace Moments devotions, podcasts, and Time of Grace programs. Seek God every day through these many resource options.


We share the good news of Jesus and his love. What a joy to know that because of his life, death and resurrection, all of our guilt is gone! We have his promise of eternal life in heaven. What a joy to know that God is smiling on you right now. He is with you to help you and bless you.


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